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1.  All CUHK full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students (with or without part-time academic or research duties) may submit application. Research staff such as post-doc fellow and research assistant are NOT eligible.

  • Individual or Group Entries

Individual Entries – The candidate will be an individual student who is doing not less than 60% of the subject work. He or she will be the principal candidate.

Optionally, a principal candidate may be supported by one collaborator who is also a CUHK full-time student.

Group Entries – The candidate is a team consisting of 3 CUHK full-time students or more.

  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate collaborations

Undergraduate and postgraduate students may collaborate in a project. However, this kind of collaboration will be deemed a POSTGRADUATE ENTRY.

2.  Entries submitted will be classified either as an Individual or a Group project according to the conditions mentioned in clause 1 above.

3.  Every entry MUST be supervised and/or endorsed by a faculty member of CUHK.

4.  The following projects will NOT be considered for entry:

  • Any projects which have been awarded with prizes in international or national competitions.

  • Any research projects which have been published in full in a journal. However, this limitation does not apply to conference abstracts.


Entry Categories

The entry categories are summarized as below: